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In a word, we are the professionals specialized in guaranteeing your football life a perfect protection!We produced the lightest, thinnest, lowest price and best protective carbon fiber protectors, which were put on the market and immediately welcomed by football fans and car racing fans.

Again, we are a professional Rally Team. Since 2008, we have participated in national competitions and won the champion of China National short track rally for many times. After more than ten years of painstaking research and development, we have finally successfully developed the processing equipment of carbon fiber products without going through traditional production process, mastering a new production process, which ensures a boost in production efficiency.

This exact breakthrough enormously cut the cost of producing carbon fiber commodity and render the final products lightweight. In 2016, we began to use our advanced production technology to research and develop carbon fiber football shin guards, car neck guards (HANS)and other car refitting accessories, and made breakthrough progress. 

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 Owing to our professional carbon fiber, each piece of shin guards only weigh bout 20 grams! Considering different needs in demand, we provide a flexible size chart from S-L. No worries, if that doesn’t feed your request, check the design one out! We promise no matter how the size changes, they will stay lightweight permanently.


Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steels with a tiny body weight. All of our products is made of high quality carbon fiber, which have already been guaranteed over 10 formal patents.


We provide high qualities combining a relatively low price. Our price is reasonable and affordable comparing with our competitors, which emphasizes our passion of rendering price people-friendly and your life easier while safer.




M1 standard shin guards designed for general demands


M7 special shin guards designed for thick and normal legs


M9 special shin guards designed for young and thin legs (kids)


Custom designs of shin guards, all up to you

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Popular teams play with MR

Our products are supplied to all ranges of age of football teams! Check their own designs now and get your personal inspiration!

Youth teamg

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College team

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Professional team

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Customer feedbacks

My daughter started with normal pads. With back to back games we wanted to get her a back up pair of shin pads, so we went with MR. The MR has a much thicker padding. You can see the comparison in my 4th picture. My daughter plays center mid for 2 different teams, and she takes a beating. The M9 pads seem to provide her with more protection over the thinner elite. So much, so we purchased another pair of the MR for games and competitions. We decided ( She did as well ) to use the elites just for practices .

John S.

Sometimes you just have to put in a review. Bought these 4 months ago. He’s used them for about 20 games so far. Not a single tear or stitch undone! It’s simple, turn it sideways when putting on or taking off, point your foot and grab at the foam on one side while bunching up the material and grabbing a few inches up on the other side. In other words, don’t grab at the very edge of them and try to pull. They’re not made of titanium. When taking them off, turn sideways and slide down a little to allow some air to get in and skin to dry a little, then follow above mention method to remove. Works all the time. 

Macro D

Review:These shin guards are a very great pair of shin guards! They are very lightweight and very comfortable. As opposed to the regular style slip-on shin guards favored by many, these offer the complete slip-on in just one piece and one movement. They fit very great and protect very well. These shin guards are also machine washable, meaning you could throw them in the washer after every use, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and thus keeping them fresh and clean and making them last longer than the average shin guards.


Kertiticaca C.

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