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Who We Are?

We are a professional Rally Team. Since 2008, we have participated in national competitions and won the champion of China National short track rally for many times.

Through the modification of the car, we began to contact with carbon fiber, and then we began to study the production process and technology of carbon fiber products.

After more than ten years of painstaking research and development, we have finally successfully developed the processing equipment of carbon fiber products and broken through the traditional production process, mastered a new production process, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, greatly reduce the production cost of carbon fiber products, and greatly reduce the weight of finished products.

Our Advantage

Our products have passed the inspection and certification of SGS in Europe, and fully meet the environmental protection and protection performance standards in Europe. Our products have obtained 10 national patents in China. At the same time, our company has also obtained the government’s high-tech enterprise certification.

How We Began?

In 2016, we began to use our advanced production technology to research and develop carbon fiber football shin guards, car neck guards (HANS)and other car refitting accessories, and made breakthrough progress. We produced the lightest, thinnest, lowest price and best protective carbon fiber protectors, which were put on the market and immediately welcomed by football fans and car racing fans.

Our passion

We have greatly reduced the production cost of carbon fiber products, so as to reduce the price to the level of people-friendly, and truly realize the low price, high quality and high value.

We will continue to develop more and cheaper carbon fiber products to benefit more consumers. Technology – make life better!

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