Shin guards come in different sizes and fittings. The fitting will be different for boys and girls due to differences in their height, built, etc. Thus, a large-sized shin guard for boys may not be the correct fit for girls. The following tips should be considered for choosing shin guards for girls:

Buy Based on Your Playing Position

The type of shin guards which you would want to buy depends largely upon the position in which you play. If you play as a defender, then you would require maximum protection. You should buy padded shin guards with ankle protection. Midfielders need a combination of protection and speed to move quickly.

In such cases, you should buy guards that offer a blend of good protection and lightweight nature. Forwards need the lightest and smallest shin guards as they have to burst through the defenses of the opponent. If you play as your team’s goalkeeper, then you need the least protection.

How to Choose Shin Guard for Girls?

You can opt for buying shin guards with minimal protection for playing as a goalkeeper.

Consider the Right Size

You should buy right-sized shin guards to get optimal protection and mobility.

The size generally depends on your height. Since there are height differences between boys and girls, the same sized shin guards may not be suitable for both.

You can buy small sized guards if your height is up to 160cm, medium-sized guards for 160-180cm, and large-sized ones for height ranging between 180-195cm. If your height is more than 195cm, then you should buy XL sized shin guards.

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Buy Shin Guards Which Mold with Your Leg

You should try the shin guards before buying them. Ideally, you should buy those shin guards which mold comfortably with your leg.

They should be snug fitting and cover the largest portion to provide greater protection. Such shin guards will also be securely positioned for the entire duration of the game and will keep you protected at all times.

Try Football Socks Before Buying

You would be wearing the shin guards below your socks. Hence, you should always wear football socks above your shin guards to see if they are comfortable fitting or not.

How to Do Custom Design in Shin Guards

You should not feel restricted in your movements while wearing shin guards. It is also important to check if the shin guards are securely positioned after wearing the socks or not.

You don’t want to buy a pair of shin guards which need to be adjusted frequently during a match.