Hockey is a high-intensity and physical sport which requires proper protective equipment. Shin guards play an important role in protecting your shins and ankles while playing hockey. The current article provides insights into the differences between soccer and hockey shin guards and tips for buying them.

Difference Between Soccer and Hockey Shin Guards

The shin guards for soccer and hockey are designed differently and thus if you are into hockey, you should refrain from using soccer shin guards. The padding is thicker and wider in hockey shin guards as the impact possibility will be higher due to a smaller puck. Hockey shin guards offer more protection and mold around your legs better than the ones used for soccer.

How to Choose Shin Guard for Hockey

Tips for Buying Hockey Shin Guards

The choice of perfect hockey shin guards depends on numerous factors. Some key tips for buying hockey shin guards are provided below:

Playing Position

The choice of shin guards depends on your playing position. If you play as a defender, then you should buy more padded and wider guards as you will need the maximum protection from forwards. On the other hand, forwards should ideally prefer leaner and lighter shin guards as it allows them to move faster and have enhanced mobility.

Choose the Correct-Sized Shin Guards

Buying a pair of correct-sized shin guards is critical to get the best protection. The length of hockey shin guards is measured in inches. You should measure the length of the area starting from the middle of your knees to the ankles to determine the correct size. Once you know the length of shin guards needed, you should try them on to see the fit and comfort.

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How to Choose Shin Guard for Hockey

While standing with your knees bent, the shin guards should cover your knees and go down to the ankles. Shin guards measuring up to 13-inches are categorized as small-sized. 14-inch guards are medium size while 15-inch ones are large size. 16-inches and 17-inches shin guards are classified as XL and XXL respectively.

Decide If You Want to Tuck or Flop

The type of shin guards you should buy also depends on whether you want to tuck them under the tongue of your skates or put it over them. If you put them over, you will have a longer shin guard which will provide better protection. However, the downside of doing so is that it can hamper your movements. Generally, forwards tuck it inside the skate’s tongue to achieve better and faster movements.