Shin guards are important protective equipment when you play high-intensity sport like soccer. You can expect hard tackles and physical contact while playing soccer and shin guards are critical to protect your knees and ankles from serious injuries. There are many types of shin guards available in the market.

Different materials have been used for manufacturing them for getting the desired results and features. The description and features of the most used materials for shin guards are as follows:


Fiberglass shin guards are very sturdy and lightweight. They provide you protection from most impacts, thus protecting your shins and ankles form any serious injuries. You also don’t experience any restrictions in movement due to their lightweight nature.

Most Used Materials for Shin Guards

Fiberglass shin guards are also highly comfortable to wear. You can also customize the fiberglass shin guards easily with the graphics, color, and design of your choice. The effective combination of excellent protection and being lightweight makes it popular among amateurs and professional athletes. However, the flip side of these shin guards is that they are costly and may not be affordable for beginners.

Foam Rubber

Foam rubber shin guards provide good protection and are not as costly as fiberglass guards.

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They are also lighter than fiberglass shin guards and extremely comfortable to wear. While the lightweight nature enhances your mobility and makes it effortless for you to execute complex moves, it comes with its downsides. These shin guards may compromise on protection and does not provide the same degree of impact resistance and protection as fiberglass shin guards do.

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Foam rubber shin guards are not the best choice if you want high degree of protection.


Plastic shin guards are lighter and cheaper too. They provide better support than foam rubber shin guards but they are not very comfortable to wear. The level of impact protection is also lower than fiberglass or polyurethane shin guards.

 What happen when a plastic shin guard breaks and will it hurt me?


Polyurethane shin guards perhaps provide the best impact resistance and protection among all other materials.

They are sturdy and bulky shin guards which can provide you complete protection from any type of impact. You will not have any worries about sustaining injuries while using these shin guards which allows you to play freely and express yourself on the field.

Due to the bulky nature of these shin guards, they can slightly restrict your on-field movements and can also be uncomfortable to wear for longer time periods. With advancement in sports technology and manufacturing, companies have started producing lighter and leaner shin guards using polyurethane.