A shin guard is a type of equipment meant for those who want to soccer and other games with high protection. Most shin guards use polyurethane, carbon fiber, and plastic materials which help to prevent injuries and other problems while playing a game on the field.

On the other hand, a player should choose a shin guard that is light in weight because it contributes more to achieve goals with high success rates. There are various types of lightweight shin guards available in the markets and one should evaluate them with attention before investing money.

Here is some of the best lightweight shin guards meant for different types of games.

Zone 14 carbon shin guard 331

This shin guard is primarily made up of carbon fiber and fiberglass materials which are lighter in weight. It provides immense support and protection to players allowing them to overcome unwanted problems. The extra carbon fiber in the central spine of the guard allows players to strengthen their impacts in a game by addressing essential needs. Another thing is that it protects the shin and absorbs shocks better than other basic guards.

Weight of Shin Guards According to Material

Vizari Malaga shin guard

Vizari Malaga shin guard utilizes lightweight PP materials enabling players to get more protection in a game. Moreover, it has a foam-padded backing that can add more safety to players. The shin guard is a suitable one for those who want to ensure maximum ankle protection on the field. Beginners can benefit a lot from the shin guard which gives ways to improve their skills to a large extent.

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Adidas F50 Lesto shin guard

It is a new product launched by the Adidas Company in order to satisfy the needs of players with the latest features. The shin guard is a slip-on type that is totally light in weight which offers more comforts to players. Apart from that, it fits well on any leg thereby showing ways to make free movements.

Why carbon fiber is better than plastic for shin guard?

Nike Mercurial light speed

This shin guard is an ideal choice for elite and more advanced players because it helps to meet essential needs in big league matches. Made from polyurethane materials, the guard lets players get maximum protection in a game. It even comes with a mesh lining that ultimately gives ways to prevent slipping and other problems. Also, the guard is lighter in weight allowing a player to make smooth movements.

How Much Do Shin Guards Cost